M_o_R® Certification

The certification scheme offers 2 internationally recognized certifications. Foundation and Practitioner. TAYLLORCOX is Axelos accredited and has the highest ATO (Accredited Training Organization) title.

    M_o_R<sup class='sup'>®</sup> Certification

    MoR Intro

    Managerial introduction to risk management

    1/2 day managerial cross-section methodology with a Risk Management Leaving Award. The certificate of completion of the training is issued within the RCB (Registered Certification Body) of the organization TAYLLOR & COX ltd.

    • no certification exam
    • certificate of attendance issued immediately after the training
    • we recommend the M_o_R Foundation course to graduates
    MoR Intro

    MoR Foundation

    Management of Risk Foundation

    The aim of this level is to verify that the graduate has acquired a comprehensive managerial knowledge of the Management of Risk framework for identifying, assessing and eliminating risks across the organization. The certification test covers Principles, Processes and Approaches to Risk Management. This level is also required before the M_o_R Practitioner level.

    • 75 multiple choice questions (5 trial questions)
    • 60 minute-long closed book exam
    • pass mark: 35 correct answers (50%)

    M_o_R Foundation course >

    M_o_R® Foundation certification >

    MoR Foundation

    MoR Practitioner

    Enterprise Risk Management

    The goal of this certification at the Practitioner level is to verify comprehensive knowledge of risk management with a focus on the implementation and optimization of procedures in the organization, in all circumstances. The certification test examines expertise on specific situations and examples. This differs from the Foundation level, which is more focused on a comprehensive test of knowledge at the basic level.

    • 4 areas of questions with a scenario 
    • each of the areas contains 20 questions, each for 1 mark
    • pass mark: 50% (40 marks)

    M_o_R Practitioner course >

    M_o_R® Practitioner certification >

    MoR Practitioner

    Exam Language

    The M_o_R Foundation, Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration examinations are available in the following languages:

    • Dutch (Foundation only)
    • English (all examinations)
    • German (Foundation only)
    • Polish (all examinations)
    • Romanian (Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration only)
    Exam Language

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