ArchiMate® 3 Foundation

Necessary visualization tool for EA (Enterprise Architecture) design according to TOGAF. You will use it to describe and specify business processes, operations, organizational structures, information flows, systems, or infrastructure.

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Target Audience

To everyone who needs to gain basic knowledge of how to design and model Enterprise Architecture. They don't have to be the main architects. They continue in the follow-up ArchiMate® 3 Certified (L2) program.

The ArchiMate® 3 Foundation can be recommended to anyone involved in enterprise architecture in any role. The course will help you:

  • Apply the TOGAF framework in practice;
  • Acquire basic knowledge of modeling language;
  • Obtain the internationally recognized EA TOGAF modeling certificate in The Archimate modeling language.
Target Audience

Course objectives

  • You will learn the terminology that is key to EA modeling
  • You will try tools to support the analysis and modeling of architecture
  • You will use ArchiMate® 3 in connection with the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • You will learn the principles of the ArchiMate framework (application of concepts, layers, customization, project management)


Martin Tobolka

The Open Group Approved Trainer

Auditor, konzultant Enterprise Architektury. Hlavní autor akreditovaných kurzů TOGAF + ArchiMate v TAYLLORCOX

Jsme držitelem akreditovaného statusu The Open Group Silver Partner, nebo TOGAF® Commercial License. Trenér působí nejenom jako Approved Trainer a zároveň

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Lead Auditor dle EA standardu ISO/IEC 42010
  • Member of TOGAF / ArchiMate Framework Development


Day 1
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09:00 - 10:30

Introduction to EA

Enterprise Architecture

  • What is EA
  • When and why EA
  • The difference between EA and Solution A.

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15

Introduction to ArchiMate

  • Background
  • ArchiMate benefits
  • Framework in more detail
  • Link to The TOGAF standard
  • Tooling

12:15 - 13:15

Lunch | Lunch Menu

13:15 - 15:00

Key concepts

  • Services
  • Metamodel


  • Business
  • Application
  • Technological

Modeling tips

15:00 - 15:15

Coffee Break

15:00 - 17:00

Relationship between concepts

  • Dynamic
  • Structured
  • Another version of relationships
  • Interconnection of layers

Day 2
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09:00 - 10:30

ArchiMate practically

  • Involved parties
  • Classification of Viewpoints
  • Examples of Viewpoints
  • Concepts and relationships

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15


  • Metamodel
  • Principles of Architecture
  • Requirement Types and Design

12:15 - 13:15


13:15 - 15:00

Implementation and migration

  • Metamodel
  • Case study - examples
  • Planning and implementation of EA

15:00 - 15:15

Coffee Break

15:15 - 17:00


  • Certification tips
  • Practice tests and evaluations
  • Certification tests

The training is led by Archimate ™ Accredited Trainer. Graduates will thus receive a certificate issued directly. We are also The Open Group Silver Partner + Accredited Training Organization.

At the same time, we focus on audits and optimization of Enterprise Architecture according to ISO / IEC 42010. We simply understand the design and modeling of EA.

  • Block duration 90 minutes
  • Hours 16 hours
  • Refreshments Yes
  • Exam Yes
  • Prerequisites



ArchiMate Foundation exam

The final certification exam is focused on demonstrating the ability to model Enterprise Architecture in ArchiMate® 3.

That is why it is important to prepare for a course at TAYLLORCOX, an accredited educational organization (The Open Group) and a certification body via Enterprise Architecture (ISO / IEC 42010).

  • Supervision: Yes
  • Closed Book Policy: Yes
  • Test code: ArchiMate Part 1
  • Place for passing the exam: Prometric test centers
  • Organization of the exam at the required date by TAYLLORCOX: Yes

More about ArchiMate® certification >


Graduate ratings

Excellent review from 233 reviewers

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  • Jaromír K.
  • 15.10.20
  • Ernst&Young

Celkově jsem s kurzem spokojen.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 15.09.20
  • Nakit

Veliká pochvala pro školitele, který dokázal povznést teoretický obsah kurzu i do praxe a udělal tak probíranou problematiku velmi dobře zapamatovatelnou a pochopitelnou.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 15.09.20

Obsah byl velice teoretický, ale chápu, že jinak to nešlo. Teorie byla podána dobře a na všechny dotazy jsme dostali odpovědi. Se školením jsem spokojená.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 17.07.20
  • Státní fond dopravní infrastruktury


  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 11.02.20
  • Uniprog

Velmi užitečně a příjemně strávený čas.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 11.02.20
  • ČEZ

Velmi obsáhlý kurz.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 11.02.20
  • OKsystem


  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 11.02.20
  • OICT

Svižné a interaktivní provedení komplexní problematiky, spousta praktických příkladů z praxe. Přizpůsobení úrovni účastníků.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 11.02.20
  • PM&VK

Žhavý kurz plný hodnotných informací, zhuštění do dvou dnů. Výborný výkon školitele, který se za běhu skvěle vypořádával s balancováním mezi potřebou pro život a potřebou pro certifikaci.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 16.12.19
  • ČHMÚ

Velmi dobrý.

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