PRINCE2 is a non-proprietary method and has emerged worldwide as one of the most broadly accepted methods for managing projects. This is mainly due to the fact that PRINCE2 is generic: it can be applied to any project regardless of project scale, type, organisation, the country or culture.


The latest version of PRINCE2®

The digital revolution, the speed of change, the rise of agile ways of working. The latest edition of the PRINCE2 methodology responds to the latest changes in project management and brings new aspects such as the integration of human resources, digital data management or agile elements and tailoring. Materials and the final exam are currently only available in English. However, the lecturer's interpretation is in Czech. 

PRINCE2® Agile

Agile project management with PRINCE2® methodology

Agile's approach is used in projects where you have eg. a fixed schedule, but the resources and scope of the project are subject to further planning, respectively prioritization. Typically this methodology is used in software development, or marketing campaigns. Agile's approach gives the team more competence and creates self-management teams.

PRINCE2® Promo Pack

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