Business Analysis & BABOK

Business Analysis (nebo také BA) vám pomůže efektivně definovat aktuální situaci, problém, či plán. Byznys analýza vám pomůže tento stav důkladně analyzovat a navrnout varianty řešení, včetně způsobu jak stanovených cílů dosáhnout.

It stands for Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. It is a set of best practices designed for business analysis. It helps managers, analysts and others interested in BA

  • define the meaning of work
  • better organize tasks
  • show the team how to achieve these goals
  • eliminate the risks of bad decisions

Business analysis is suitable for strategic management, decision making. It is often used on process and agile projects. It can often be found in IT projects, production processes, etc. BABOK will help you wherever it is often necessary to make decisions. BABOK contains 50 techniques that directly support correct analysis and decision-making. It can be used wherever the right decision means gaining a competitive advantage, more economical or more efficient solution.

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