What is BCM

Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301) identifies potential threats to the organization and their impact on itsoperation. The BCM Framework helps build a flexible yet effective process management style that protects the interests of stakeholders as well as the company's key assets.

    What is BCM

    BCM is a comprehensive process of business continuity management

    Business Continuity Management is about identifying areas that can interrupt, paralyze, or otherwise affect the operation of an organization in the event of a failure. The course focuses on the implementation of business impact analyzes, testing responses to threats, and the implementation of recovery plans. From a strategic point of view, Business Continuity Management focuses on minimizing financial impacts, increasing efficiency and creating a competitive advantage with the help of Business Continuity Plans.

    What is BCM


    By implementing Business Continuity Management you gain

    Financial savings

    Although investing in the education of managers and the time spent on implementation represents a financial cost, according to statistics, it represents only a fraction of the cost of resolving crisis situations. ISO 22301 makes it possible to obtain better insurance conditions.

    Head start

    There is no better way to emphasize the security and trustworthiness of your organization to clients. ISO 22301 certification issued by an internationally accredited certification body is in many cases also a qualification criterion for obtaining a contract.

    Increased efficiency through standardization

    The BCM framework according to ISO 22301 is based on the internationally proven planning model "P-D-C-A", ie Plan - Do - Check - Act, which was also in the previous edition of BS 25999.

    Immediate rectification of accidents and incidents

    In the event of incidents, interruptions in functionality, or service outages, you will be able to switch to emergency backup mode. You will use the time gained to address not only the consequences, but especially the causes of these threats.

    Controlled continuity

    By implementing business continuity processes, you get a comprehensive overview of your organization. Managers use the system to improve and realize new opportunities.

    Compliance with EU legislation and requirements

    Business Continuity Management helps to comply with the regulations of the Act on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection. Certification facilitates the way to obtain EU subsidies.

    Continuous improvement

    As part of certification audits, the organization is obliged to carry out internal audits at least once a year. A proactive approach to BCM revision has been shown to improve system efficiency.

    Reputation protection

    ISO 22301 certification strengthens the image of a reliable and secure organization. If your strategy is to succeed in the markets other than by offering the lowest price, the ISO 22301 premium certificate will help communicate the benefits.

    Plan B

    Why is it good to also have a plan "B" ..?

    The results of companies that have certified organizations according to ISO 22301 speak for themselves ...

    86% believe that BCM planning improves business resilience. Improved mitigation of risks and robust platform for continued operation.


    71% reported increased revenue (gained from new business and customers as well as retention of existing customers). Improved commercial health and growth of the business.


    82% reported improved speed of recovery from incidents and disruptions. Improved continuity of business operations and ability to provide a seamless product/service to customers in the case of unexpected disruptions.


    87% activating BCM arrangements said that they effectively reduced business disruptions. Organization is better placed to foresee and prevent disruptions through Business Impact Analysis.


    83% cite enhanced reputation and image amongst key stakeholders (including clients and shareholders). Improved confidence and external image as a reputable and reliable supplier.


    81% confirmed that the cost of developing BCM plans was justified by the benefits. Reduced costs associated with downtime and disruption.

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