Cyber Security Architect

Course focused on the design and development of information architecture in organizational security. We will show you how to take responsibility for the design and implementation of security measures. You will get tips for ensuring the security architecture. Ended with a certification that meets the requirements of the Cyber Security Act, resp. Decree 82/2018 Coll.

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Target audience

The role of the Cyber Security Architect

We will show you how to take responsibility for the design and implementation of security measures. You will get tips for ensuring the security architecture.

The cyber security architect ensures the design and implementation of security measures. In practice, the architect is responsible for the design of a secure architecture (eg from infrastructure to security at the application level) and its subsequent implementation. There can be more architects in an organization, each with its own specialization.

Functions and tasks of the cyber security architect:

  • Promote security in conceptual development;
  • Provide resources to ensure security within development and conceptual activities.
Architekt kybernetické bezpečnosti

Course objectives

  • Manage architecture changes correctly
  • Show the benefits of ISO 27011 in meeting §CSA
  • Create a list of countermeasures for identified significant risks
  • Learn to use ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  • Acquire ISO 27001 from the point of view of the requirements of §181 / 2014 Coll.
  • Specify and implement technical measures (IS, licenses, HW, technical settings and configuration)

Why this course?

The training contains recommended requirements for the Cyber Security Management Committee and the security roles listed in § 6 and 7. You will learn the key activities required to perform the role of Cyber Security Architect to the extent defined by:

Decree on Security Measures, Cyber Security Incidents, Reactive Measures, Filing Requirements in the Field of Cyber Security and Data Disposal (Decree on Cyber Security)

a) Architecture of information and communication systems and its design.

b) Hardware components, tools and architectures.

c) Operating systems and software.

d) Business processes and their integration and dependence on ICT.

e) Safety and risk management.

f) Security of communications and networks.

g) Identity and access management.

h) Safety assessment and testing.

i) Operational safety.

j) Basic principles of secure software development.

k) Integration and dependencies of ICT and business processes.

Znalosti Architekt kybernetické bezpečnosti


09:00 - 10:30

Introduction to Cyber Security

  • The role of the Architect
  • ISMS, ISO 27001

Physical security

  • Access protection
  • Fulfillment of Cyber Security requirements

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15

Application security

  • Vulnerability of applications
  • Permanent protection of information

Protection tools

  • Integrity
  • Identity and access control
  • Critical infrastructure, important IS

12:15 - 13:15


13:15 - 15:00

Detection systems

  • Network and IS protection
  • Verification and control of communication

Collection and evaluation of events

  • Integrated collection
  • Informing managers
  • Update rules and IS

Cryprographic means

Industrial and control systems

15:00 - 15:15

Coffee Break

15:15 - 16:00


  • Summary
  • Questions, Tips

16:00 - 17:00


  • Certification

Implement the Act on Cyber Security §181 / 2014 Coll. efficiently  and  easily. 

Clear implementation of the  requirements of the Cyber Security Act step by step. You can easily manage the whole project yourself.

  • Block duration 90 minutes
  • Hours 8 hours
  • Refreshments Yes
  • Exam Yes
  • Prerequisites

    Basic knowledge of ISMS (Information Security Management System) according to ISO / IEC 27001

Marek Mitáček

Accredited trainer, Workshop Leader, Coach, co-author of methodologies and TAYLLORCOX Toolkits (sets of templates and sample forms) for IT Service Management ITSM, Project Management PRINCE2 and cyber security according to ISMS ISO / IEC 27001 and ZoKB.

One of the very first IT auditors in the Czech Republic. His rich practice began in 1996 in the company. GiTyFurtherly spent almost 10 years as an ITIL implementer at Český Telekom and since 2007 he has been a key auditor, accredited trainer at the TAYLLORCOX certification body

  • Český Telekom
  • GiTy - Interní Auditor / Consultant


Vít Lidinský

  • Since 2012, he has been working as a forensic expert in the field of economics, prices and estimates, with a special specialization in information systems and personal data protection.
  • For more than 5 years he was the head of the department. and Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Informatics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the State Treasury Shared Services Center (ICT Departments).
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics, majoring in information management - CULS. Here he gradually obtained a master's (Ing.) And doctoral degree (Ph. D.)

Jan Cuřín

Graduate of ČVUT FEL, subsequently a consultant with an international dimension in the field of implementation and optimization of the information management system (ITSM) and cyber (ISMS) security. He applies the acquired experience from the position of an accredited Lead Auditor in the areas of IT Service Management, ISMS and GDPR.

  • Cyber Security standard author
  • Lead Auditor ITSM ISO 20000, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001
  • Approved Trainer & Lead Auditor GDPR (EU 2016/679) dle ISO/IEC 17067

Your security team

The roles listed below will save companies and organizations the time and costs associated with implementing Cyber Security requirements. Clear implementation of the requirements of the Cyber Security Act step by step. You can easily manage the whole project yourself.

Cyber Security Manager 

You do not need to know where you come from, you need to know where you are going to adequately manage cyber protection.

Cyber Security Architect  

Proactive security (implemented and functional) is less expensive than reactive. Learn to build architecture.

Cyber Security Auditor 

Internal audits maintain better protection against cyber attacks. Gain the know-how of a Cyber Security Auditor.


Cyber Security Architect | ISO 17024 accreditation

Certification exam

Preparatory course including certification, which is defined by Decree No. 82/2018 Coll.

The certificate proving the professional competence of security roles meets the requirements of ISO 17024, which is defined by Decree No. 82/2018 Coll. on security measures, cyber security incidents, reactive measures, filing requirements in the field of cyber security and data disposal (Decree on Cyber Security)

As part of the certification, they must demonstrate practical knowledge and skills to implement the ISMS (Information Security Management System) so that it meets legislative requirements and at the same time is in accordance with the ISO / IEC 27001 standard in the current valid version.

Test information

  • Number of uestions: 30
  • Pass mark: 60%
  • Certificate validity: 3 years
  • exam language Czech

More about the certification >

splňuje požadavky ISO 17024

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