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Most of us spend 25 hours a week online. We work in the cloud, process gigabytes of emails, communicate through social networks and search the Internet for important information for our work. Why not try live online courses? Our modern technology offers comparable comfort and lower costs.

    Surprisingly interactive.

    You will not believe you are  online. Our courses are live.

    Online classes (online and live)  Classroom e-learning courses (anytime)    

    Crises support innovation. The current situation requires a corporate "home office" mode. Successful companies are now investing in education because every company is just as weak (or strong) as its employees. 

    Learn from the experts from the comfort and safety of your home. We provide everything you need for a successful distance study and certification. All you need is a computer and a web browser with Internet connection.

    Digital First!

    The future of training is here. People need to meet and communicate.

    Managers discover the benefits of accredited digital courses. Educate more effectively. 

    The problem is not just economic crises. Viral pandemics and measures are already threatening our competition. Many organizations have invested in digitization, but have only just started to learn how to work "virtually."

    Ensuring the continuity of the organization's operation also means educating managers in current methodologies and giving them the latest knowledge and experience in order to adapt more quickly to changes and help deliver the expected benefits.

    VCR "virtual classroom" education is a highly effective solution that does not have to lose any of its comfort. The most modern cloud technologies will take care of connecting students from different places into one interactive classroom.

    kariéra v akreditovaných online kurzech

    Virtual vs. eLearning

    What is online training? There are 2 types of classes - eLearning and Virtual Classroom (VCR). Thanks to technologies and cloud applications, these are the key benefits:

    • More time for family
    • Ability to study from anywhere
    • Save travel and accommodation expenses
    • The fastest way to increase your professional qualifications
    • The exam can be taken immediately after the course or later
    • Course participants work together on tasks and practical exercises
    • All you need to connect is internet connection, a web browser and a camera

    virtual classroom vs online elearning

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    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    Choose any open course. The trainer will ensure you have access to a virtual class.


    The courses do not have a fixed date. You can start, stop and finish the course whenever you like.

    Learning style

    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    You will be using a microphone and a webcam to communicate with the trainer. The trainer leads the virtual class just like a traditional in-class training. 


    e-Learning comes in the form of self-study. You will get access to digital content incl. online presentation, video recordings, animations and sample tests.


    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    • No software needed
    • Virtual contact with the trainer face to face
    • Team tasks and communication with the rest of the classroom
    • Interactive live training anywhere you want
    • Hands-on examples, communication and team tasks


    • Anytime 
    • Anywhere
    • Are you busy? You can always stop and come back to the course accoring to your needs. Some courses even allow offline study.


    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    Thanks to interactive technologies, VCR adds a new dimension to interactive exercises and resembles a real classroom. Compared to e-learning and self-study, VCR provides a number of advantages of interaction with the coach and other participants.


    Electronic, pre-prepared courses, without the possibility of interaction with other students. You will go through the individual modules by self-study, which end with practice tests. By passing all the modules, you are ready for the final certification exam.

    Certification exam

    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    By completing the course, you meet the qualification requirements for passing the exam. The exam can be completed online immediately or later.


    By completing the course, you meet the qualification requirements for passing the exam. This can also be completed online immediately or later.

    Compared to in-class training

    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    Comfort is comparable to full-time study. It uses digital technologies such as interactive whiteboards, so you won't miss group exercises or case studies in the form of screen sharing.


    eLearning is the exact opposite of the full-time form. Self-study in the form of digital technologies. You determine the pace of teaching yourself.


    Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    You simply connect via a regular web browser using an invitation email. You must have a webcam microphone.

    For video in HD quality, the Internet can be used from speeds of 800kbps / 1.0Mbps (upload / download).

    • Internet connection
    • Computer / Laptop
    • Camera, microphone


    All you need is an ordinary laptop, a computer without a webcam. Internet requirements are minimal. Normal 3G and more internet is enough.

    eLearning requirements

    • Internet
    • Computer / Laptop

    Benefits of VCR

    • Live course with a trainer
    • 2 practice tests included in the price of the course


    In recent years, we have invested a lot of time, money and effort to become the best digital accredited training organization.

    We build on international experience and proven technologies. We can guarantee you exclusive support before, during the course and after the training. One that fits global training to the most successful.


    Transform your inquiries from full-time courses into a Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    Have you scheduled training for your colleagues and are afraid of cancellation?

    Talk to our education manager about VCR. We have extensive experience with this form at the level of accredited courses, workshops and even Train the Trainer (TTT) programs.

    Concerns that the virtual classroom does not give the instructor full control over the overall atmosphere are justified - but not at TAYLLORCOX. Depending on the type of course, we have set limits on the maximum number of participants in the course.

    Unlike other "virtual classrooms", where the trainer only sends messages and participants easily lose attention, at TAYLLORCOX we devote all our efforts to communication, group exercises and case studies.

    Transform your inquiries from full-time courses into a Virtual Classroom (VCR)

    Online certification

    We are all forced to change our work habits and lifestyle, where your safety and health come first.

    In TAYLLORCOX you have the opportunity to pass the final exam of the course online. It is therefore not necessary to physically visit our Examination Center. We will handle everything remotely with you. Simply. Online.

    In the comfort of your home or work. Online exams can be used for full-time courses (e.g. due to preparation), or for online courses in both variants, e-learning and virtual classroom.

    Online certification

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