No. Although we fully respect this alternative teaching method, more than perfect elearning is needed to understand the principles and processes of SCRUM®. Agile Project Management is more about people than about the virtual environment.

Your investment in education is primarily an investment in an experienced - accredited coach who will not let you out of the course until he is sure that you have a perfect command of the principles of SCRUM® :-)

The teaching of the course under the guidance of an internationally accredited coach is in Czech, but on request we also train in English. The official materials for the course are in English (there is no official Czech English glossary) of SCRUM terminology.

The certification exam is in English. Candidates choose the correct answers in the form of a test from variants a), b), c), d). We use practice tests during the lessons. Basic passive knowledge of English is enough to pass the test.

No. SCRUM® certification tests are not offered without preparation, which includes "hands-on" practical exercises under the auspices of an accredited SCRUM® trainer and, of course, at an accredited organization, resp. TAYLLORCOX.

Agile courses at the SCRUM Foundation, Master, Product Owner and Developer levels include certification! You don't have to worry about anything at the same time, we will handle all the documents for you until the certificate is issued.

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