TOGAF® Training Course: Certified - L2

The course focuses on the practical use of TOGAF® 9 using the knowledge gained in the L1 level. With the help of real scenarios, you will learn advanced techniques for analysis, design and implementation of enterprise architecture.

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TOGAF L2 Certified Virtual Classroom

Target audience

This intensive, 2-day course for TOGAF® Foundation (level 1) graduates builds on the acquired foundations of Enterprise Architecture (EA). 

The aim is to acquire the practical skills needed for the design, implementation and development of EA. Among the most frequent graduates of CIOs, IT architects, consultants and top managers dealing with the optimization of organizational processes across the organization.

Graduates will master the techniques on simulated examples from practice and gain 100% confidence. We recommend the course to all managers who are directly involved in

  • design,
  • optimization,
  • infrastructure development (IT and Enterprise Architecture)
togaf certified

Aims of the course

  • You can apply the TOGAF methodology in all types of project
  • You can standardize organizations at the enterprise architecture level
  • You will learn strategic investment management and development plans with the help of EA TOGAF
  • We will show the transformation of strategic plans into implementation on case studies
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Martin Tobolka

The Open Group Approved Trainer

Auditor, Enterprise Architecture Consultant. Main author of accredited TOGAF + ArchiMate courses in TAYLLORCOX

Martin is not only an Approved Trainer but also:

  • Enterprise Architect
  • Lead Auditor dle EA standardu ISO/IEC 42010
  • Member of TOGAF / ArchiMate Framework Development


Day 1
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Open agenda

09:00 – 10:30


  • ADM Intro
  • Enterprise Continuum
  • Management Overview

10:30 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:15

E. Architecture

  • Architecture Repository
  • Architecture Governance
  • Architecture Content Framework

12:15 – 13:15


13:15 – 14:45

  • Metamodel
  • Views & Points
  • Building Blocks
  • Preliminary Phase

14:45 – 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 – 16:45

  • Business Scenario
  • Implementation Support
  • Stakeholder Management

Day 2
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Open agenda

09:00 – 10:30


  • Development Method - Level 2
  • Implementation Support Techniques

10:30 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:15

Architecture Partitioning

Guidelines for Adapting the ADM

12:15 – 13:15


13:15 – 14:45


  • Maturity Models
  • Skills Framework

14:45 – 15:00

Coffee break

15:00 – 16:45


  • Certification exam level Certified

Thanks to the trainer's experience, the course is focused on practical examples, which leads to higher success in certification.

You will learn to use the TOGAF framework, the ADM phase for developing Enterprise Architecture.

We will show you how to use the role of TOGAF in fulfilling the company's strategic goals.

We will also focus on the integrated reference model, ADM sub-blocks, EA Repositories, SOA, etc. Or how to divide the Enterprise Architecture to meet specific needs

  • Block duration 90 minutes
  • Hours 16 hours
  • Refreshments Yes
  • Exam Yes
  • Prerequisites


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Exam

Test parameters
  • Title: TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Exam
  • Style: Scenario with answer selection
  • Number of questions / time: 8 questions in 90 minutes 
  • Pass mark: 60% of correct answers (24 out of 40 marks)
  • If your native language is not English, you gain extra time

More about TOGAF certification® >

This TAYLLORCOX TOGAF® Training Course: Certified - L2 course is accredited by The Open Group.

togaf certifikace

Graduate ratings

Excellent review from 695 reviewers

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  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 23.09.22

Kurz dobrý, instruktor s odpovídající znalostí a se značným zápalem pro danou problematiku, což velmi oceňuji.

  • Jan B.
  • 21.10.21

Hodnocení je prakticky totožně, jako na L1 - tedy výborné. Jen přidávám ocenění profesionálního přístupu školitele v nestandardní situaci, kdy jsme na kurzu byli jen 2 studenti a stejně měl svých 100% kvality. 

  • Petr K.
  • 31.10.20
  • Edwards Lifesciences

Kurz splnil moje očekávání a doplnil moji certifikaci na TOGAF level 2

  • Ondřej D.
  • 23.10.20
  • Novartis

TOGAF je velmi tezke tema, ale skolitelka jej zvladla dobre odprezentovat. Take dokazala provazat teorii s praktickymi priklady nejen ze sve predchozi praxe, ale i problematikou v nasi spolecnosti, coz bylo prinosne.  Kurz byl celkem i dost interaktivni, coz prispelo k lepsi atmosfere, ale i lepsimu pochopeni sirsich souvislosti. 

  • Mychajlo C.
  • 23.10.20
  • Novartis

Super lektorka, skvělá znalost tématu, podpořená praktickými zkušenosti.

  • Robert K.
  • 21.08.20
  • Vrk plus

Velmi kvalitní kurz se skvělým lektorem. Rozhodně doporučuji.

  • Petr K.
  • 21.08.20
  • Edwards Lifesciences

Velmi užitečný kurz s praktickým využitím metodiky.

  • Ivan F.
  • 21.08.20
  • Freelancer

Jsem rád, že i s nižší znalosti angličtiny jsem obstál skvělý výklad a pochopil jsem vše proškolené.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 07.07.20
  • Freelancer

Kurz byl výborný, hlavně protože výklad byl na praktických příkladech.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 07.07.20
  • Physter Technology

Jako pozitivní hodnotím předání zkušeností z praxe.

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