DevOps Certification

DevOps Master is a prestigious certification on the market, which will prepare you for the practical application of the methodology.

    DevOps Certification

    Why DevOps Certification

    Nowadays, speed and innovation are the hallmarks of any successful company

    However, IT Management is coming under increasing pressure to deliver quality software, applications and services that bring a competitive advantage. If you want to take systemic measures to increase the efficiency and quality of services, the solution is DevOps certification courses.

    • The demand for DevOps skills is still growing
    • DevOps Master = a prestigious course ending with the highest certification
    • The certificate declares the ability to manage a development team and an operations team
    Why DevOps Certification

    DevOps Intro

    DevOps Basics for Managers course without certification

    The benefit of our courses is the awarding of certificates, the so-called DevOps Intro-Leaving Awards. The training diploma is issued under the heading ATO (Accredited Training Organization) TAYLLORCOX

    • without certification exam
    • certificate issued immediately after the training
    • We recommend a follow-up DevOps Master course to graduates
    DevOps Intro

    DevOs Master

    The aim of the certification is to master the practical methodology for IT management - DevOps. 

    Participants take a practical test in the form of a written exam with multiple choice questions. Graduates will receive the prestigious and unique certification of the highest level of DevOps Master. It declares the manager's ability to implement Best Practice DevOps, manage the team, implement process changes and increase the efficiency and quality of IT services.

    Exam detail

    • Duration: 120 minutes
    • Total number of questions: 50
    • Pass mark: 65% (33 out of 50)
    • Other info: books and electronic aids are not allowed

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    DevOs Master

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