With DevOps, you can develop software faster, in better quality, with fewer defects, less risk, and in shorter delivery times. IT engineering know-how will help you gain a managerial edge over the competition. 

DevOps Intro

Development optimization, agile solution of requirements, higher quality of services

Every functioning organization is looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of services. Do you want to have more reliable IT, satisfied customers and employees? There is a way to solve these requirements in the long run: with the help of DevOps. 

DevOps Master

Use best practices to improve team collaboration

Unlike DevOps Foundation, this exceptional course does not end in theory, but is full of practical scenarios and exercises. The accredited DevOps Master program does not require prior qualification. 

DevOps in practice

DevOps simulation will help you break the ice. Accelerate the transformation of your IT!

DevOps simulation led by a certified Game Leader TAYLLORCOX is a professional interactive workshop . You will try out the principles and learn the benefits of using DevOps in the form of a unique experience . It does not require knowledge of methodology, everything is demonstrated on practical examples. And the result? Understanding the benefits and overall positive approach to applying the principles of DevOps.

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