ISMS Certification

Security analysis is the first step in identifying weaknesses and increasing protection, eg by implementing an information security management system according to ISO 27001 standards. Benefits of ISMS certification of the Internal Auditor, Data Protection Specialists and other valuable information.

    Personal certification

    ISMS Intro

    1/2 day managerial introduction to the information security management system. The advantage is the issuance of the ISMS Intro Leaving Awards certificate, from an internationally accredited certification body.

    ISO 27000 Internal Auditor

    Graduates of ISO / IEC 27000 Internal Auditor are able to use the standards ISO / IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and others as a tool to meet the legal, regulatory and contractual objectives of the organization from the perspective of the information security management system. They are able to identify and evaluate risks, design and take measures.

    • Number of questions: 75
    • Pass mark: 50% (35 out of 70)
    • Closed-book

    ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

    Graduates will receive the ISO 27000 Auditor certificate from the international accredited organization RCB (Registered Certification Bodies) TAYLLOR & COX with a focus on the certification of ISMS systems (Information Security Management System) according to the ISO 27000 standard.

    • Number of questions: 75
    • Pass mark: 50% (35 out of 70)
    • Closed-book
    ISO 17024 ISMS ISO 27001

    System certification

    Internal audit

    It is intended primarily for the organizational preparation of internal audit. Evaluating the results of the internal audit will give you feedback when proposing corrective action.

    Level 1 - certification audit (Desktop review)

    In this phase, the existing documentation of the information security management system is examined by an authorized auditor for complexity and completeness. 

    Level 2 - certification audit (Process review)

    During the certification audit of the 2nd level, the conformity of the documentation of the information security management system with the real state is verified, the records kept are verified).

    ISO 27001 certifikace


    Key benefits of ISO 2700x standards

    • Increasing credibility for partners
    • Fulfillment of legislative requirements
    • Effective management of security investments
    • Inventory of own assets, their valuation and classification
    • Controlled elimination or reduction of risks in the field of information systems

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