What is ISMS

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a documented system in which defined information assets are protected, information security risks are managed and implemented measures are controlled.


    ISMS proactively addresses potential security risks

    And so this system is widely used by organizations regardless of size or field of activity. It can be recommended practically wherever information technologies are used for process support, data management, communication, etc. The organization is able to decide on the risk analysis measures based on risk analysis by

    • acceptance (prevention costs are higher than risk)
    • transfer to the 3rd entity (eg insurance company, outsourcing, etc.
    • management of investments and strategic development of the organization's security system

    Why ISMS

    Cyber Security Act

    Safety standards can be implemented in the organization by a consulting firm or on its own. In both cases, it is important that your employees have knowledge at a level equal to the responsibilities assigned to the superior manager / institution. Investments in ISMS are often thwarted precisely by the fact that human resources training is insufficiently developed and underestimated.

    ISVS Act

    Act No. 365/2000 Coll., on public administration information systems, as amended, represents a wide and at the same time complex area of time-consuming activities in the information security section for public administration bodies. To be in accordance with the required legislation means, among other things, to meet the requirements of ISMS - ISO / IEC 27001.


    Genera Data Protection Regulation - The General Data Protection Regulation is most often implemented on the basis of the ISMS framework. 

    Why ISMS


    The ISMS may be implemented for an organizational unit of the company, an information system or a part thereof, or it may cover the entire organization. The implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) is a strategic decision of the company's management.

    It can be used by all organizations, regardless of size or field of activity, for which information and information technology are a key part of business processes, or which manage the sensitive data of their clients and need to ensure their security effectively and comprehensively. The system protects the security of information:

    • the assets to be protected are identified
    • possible information security risks are selected and managed
    • measures with the required level of guarantees are put in place and they are controlled.

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