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TAYLLORCOX is not only the holder of ATO status, but also ACO (Accredited Consulting Organization) confirming high professionalism and application of know-how in practice. We are also the largest provider of the Axelos portfolio in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    PeopleCert | Certification

    #1. PeopleCert Registration

    The first step is to create an account on PeopleCert.

    If you do not have a PeopleCert account, you will need to create a new one. After that, log in to your account. Under Register for your exam enter your Voucher code and click the Confirm button. If additional data is required for the specific exam, you will be promped to complete the appropriate fields. Then your exam data will appear. 

    An email confirming your exam registration and your exam details will be sent to you. These are also available in your PeopleCert Account.

    Peoplecert examination

    #2. Exam

    To be able to take the exam you must install the EXAM SHIELD software from the link that can be found in the email confirmation you received. The EXAM SHIELD application is also available through the Microsoft Store. 

    You should complete the installation up to 1 hour before the exam. You should also check that you have a valid ID document with a photo of you, and that you can rotate the webcam 360°.

    At least 10 minutes before you are due to start the exam, press the EXAM SHIELD "OK" button and wait for the arrival of the supervisor if he/she is not yet online.  A pop up message will notify you if any application needs to be closed to continue with the exam. After that, an intuitive wizard will guide you towards connecting to your Proctor and starting your exam. You will have to check the exam guidelines, scan your ID and view the exam tutorial.

    When your proctor will join the session, you will be instructed to:

    • Check your audio and video performance
    • Show your ID to the camera if needed
    • Show your room and your desk
    • Share your screen with your online proctor
    • Confirm your personal details. If any of the information is incorrect, please inform your online proctor.
    • Your online proctor will let you know when you are set to begin your exam!
    Peoplecert Exam by TAYLLORCOX

    #3. Exam results

    This is what the result email about successful completion looks like.

    Test results can usually be expected within about a week of passing the test.

    The certificate is now downloaded by the participant himself. Due to the protection of personal data, we no longer have access to your certificates. You can simply download the certificate by clicking on the red button that redirects you to log in to your private profile. Here you can download the certificate.

    • We can no longer deliver paper certificates.
    • Don't forget the password you provided during registration.

    Online Proctored Exams Guide - DOWNLOAD HERE

    exam results

    PeopleCert Programmes

    TAYLLORCOX offers a complete portfolio of Axelos Best Practices solutions. We support you in running your own Axelos training courses by delivering training, the exams, and support services.


    Akademie TAYLLORCOX


    Quality Benefits of Working with TAYLLORCOX

    For more than 15 years TAYLLRCOX delivers quality training materials to IT Training companies who work in the IT best practices domain. Build by practitioners, made for your training company to deliver. PeopleCert offers qualifications that enable you to boost your career and realise your life ambitions. In this section, we discuss career paths to help you understand how qualifications lead to better career prospects.

    Qualtiy Content

    Our courseware is designed by industry experts in combination with ITpreneurs learning design experts and is perceived as the highest quality in the market

    Largest portfolio of Axelos products

    ITpreneurs offers the entire suite of Axelos products, and always has the latest version available.

    Extensive Instructor Support

    Instructor guidance is provided with each program in the form of delivery instructions, videos or TTTs

    Innovative Solutions

    We continue to innovate our learning portfolio. We offer blended learning programs, video-based learning and interactive learning tracks

    How to get certified

    Ways to get certified

    PeopleCert offers all modern methods of examination delivery. If you choose to take your exam at a Training Organisation near you, we will deliver your exam either on a computer, or in more traditional pencil-and-paper format, depending on what is permitted by the Test Owner. Alternatively, you can take your exam anywhere you want via PeopleCert Online Proctoring. All you need is a PC or Mac computer and an internet connection. Works like magic.

    Take a classroom exam

    At a PeopleCert-accredited Training Organisation


      The familiar way of taking an exam allows you to become certified, from a state-of-the-art, specialised training centre of your choice.


    Succeeding in an examination is the key to becoming certified. Taking your exam in an PeopleCert-accredited Training Organisation ensures you will have a top-level environment in which to focus and ace the test.

    The traditional way of certifying knowledge

    • Reliable Experience

      Taking your exam in a PeopleCert-accredited Training Organisation ensures you will have a great testing experience, since all organisations are accredited by PeopleCert according to strict requirements.

    • Stress-free Examination

      When taking your exam in a classroom, you can focus on the material and your knowledge, and leave the rest to the right people. For computer-based exams, the Accredited Training Organisation's staff have you covered. For paper-based exams, you only need to perform well. The Invigilators on-site will ensure the process is up to rigorous standards.

    • Familiar Experience

      A classroom setting, with a human present in the room to ensure everything runs smoothly, possibly in the location where you trained to take this very exam, is a familiar educational experience for all of us.

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