Axelos Consulting Organisation

    An AXELOS Consulting Partner is permitted to conduct the following activities

    • Use certain AXELOS Intellectual Property relating to the AXELOS portfolio as set out in the AXELOS Consulting Partner agreement and under any further IP guidelines as issued by AXELOS from time to time in the course of providing its advisory business
    • Reproduce text and diagrams in documentation produced directly for the AXELOS Consulting Organization client as set out in the AXELOS Consulting Partner agreement
    • Qualify to procure AXELOS maturity models and award AXELOS maturity model certification. Please note the AXELOS Consulting Partner will be required to enter into and comply with a separate licence agreement (including payment of the relevant licence fee) in this respect as well as additional guidelines from time to time
    • Use agreed logos and statements to promote themselves as an AXELOS Consulting Partner
    • Support the ongoing development of AXELOS products through contribution and provision of case studies (approval and consultation required by AXELOS)
    • Promote themselves through the partner search functionality through AXELOS.com to generate sales leads
    • Collaborate with AXELOS Global Partner Programme to take advantage of global opportunities within the market and strategic sales support
    • Access exclusive industry benchmark reports based on anonymized and aggregated reporting information provided by AXELOS Consulting Partners.

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