This glossary:

  • Is subject to terms and conditions agreed to by downloading the glossary

  • UsesinternationalEnglish,whichhasbeenadopted to re ect and facilitate the international usage of the products

  • FollowstherecenttrendintheBestManagement Practice publications to move away from capitalization other than in normal English usage

  • Doesnotincludeeverytermthatisde nedor explained in the main guide

  • Isthereforeatransitionalproductre ectingthe trend discussed above but still includes de nitions from the glossaries of some publications that don’t comply with the trend.


Best Management Practice would like to thank Adrian Dooley (APMG), Alan Ferguson (AFA), Andy Murray (Outperform) and Graham Williams (GSW Consultancy Ltd), who produced the original PPM common glossary.

Best Management Practice would also like to thank Ashley Hanna (HP) and Stuart Rance (HP), who produced the original ITIL glossary (in English) in May 2007. (It was updated by Ashley Hanna in July 2011.) 

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