Masters in Digital Marketing

This two-year course provides a comprehensive overview of the digital world. Learn strategic communications, consumer insight, eCommerce and more. Master your digital marketing career.

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Target Audience

  • Sharp and experienced marketing and business professionals who know their worth and want to communicate it to the world.
  • Marketing Managers and Senior Management
  • Proven talent who are ready to rise up and take their place
  • Small Business Owners who may or may not want to stay small
  • Experts who want to become expert's expert. Who want to become true authorities in their field.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
Target Audience

Course Objectives

  • You will gain all the key skills and practices associated with planning a successful digital strategy. 
  • You will learn the key concepts underpinning website optimization, conversion rate optimization and effective e-commerce for every business requirement. 
  • Gain all the essential skills all marketers, professionals and business leaders need to work effectively, productively and professionally in a collaborative business environment.
  • Plan, implement, refine and report on search marketing campaigns. Drive traffic across all digital channels.
  • Learn how to create engaging content on social media and how to plan, execute, optimize and report on social media marketing campaigns across the key social platforms.
  • Develop practical skills and techniques that you can use to think strategically, build effective teams, deal with conflict and crisis and persuade and influence others.
  • Recognize the value of social selling and incorporate digital techniques to better engage with customers and prospects to drive increased conversion rates.

About the course

The course is split into two stages:

Stage 1 - Digital content and assignments
  • 8 modules
  • 90 hours
  • 6 assignments
Stage 2 - Research
  • Structured webinars
  • 1-1 supervision
  • Thesis

About the course


STAGE 1 Modules:

  • Communications and Consumer: Business strategy considerations, C-Level analysis and reporting
  • Social media marketing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Video. The power of the platform
  • Search Marketing: SEO, PPC and Analytics
  • eCommerce and email: Sales tactics, email data management and growth
  • Mobile marketing: Mobile apps and games mobile, messaging and mobile advertising
  • Strategy and planning: Including the Internet of Things, data visualizations and Benchmarking. Big Picture thinking. How to transform ideas into reality
  • Marketing and services management: Strategic marketing management, relationship marketing and the role of branding
  • Digital Innovation: Digital business applications and innovative business technologies. Where is the edge of new today? Where will it be tomorrow?

STAGE 2 RESEARCH: - Thesis - Webinars

This two-year course provides a comprehensive overview of the digital world. Learn strategic communications, consumer insight, eCommerce and more.

  • Délka bloku 60 minut
  • Vyučovacích hodin 240 hodin
  • Občerstvení No
  • Zkouška Yes
  • Předpoklady

    A Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing plus at least one year in digital marketing OR a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline plus at least two years’ marketing experience.


All the assessment is completed on an individual basis. The taught stage consists of six assignment submissions.

The first two will be based on an organization of your choosing where you will conduct research on that organization’s customers and then develop a digital marketing strategy for that organization. These are both 5,000 word assignments and the others are approximately 3,000 words or equivalent each and can include tasks like secondary research, creating a blog post etc.

The final assessment stage is the Business Innovation Project, developed in partnership with the University of Salford. This allows you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills.



Certified Digital Marketing Master

This digital marketing certification is accredited and recognized globally. 

DMI offers online digital skills training courses in over 80 countries and this course has been credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This allows you to take your DMI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing with you, no matter where your exciting new digital career may take you.

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