P3M3 Certifikace

AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) is  organizations licensed by AXELOS to provide consulting services in the Global Best Practice Portfolio and deliver the certified and diagnostic assessments for the P3M3® Maturity Model. 

    P3M3 Certifikace

    Axelos Consulting Partner

    AXELOS Consulting Partner can be used to help conduct a P3M3 self-assessment as a means to overcome the bias inherent in any self-assessment approach.

    These are usually referred to as facilitated self-assessments and aim to provide:
    • An understanding of the likely current level of maturity in portfolio, programme and/or project management.
    • A snapshot of the most likely maturity level for comparison with previous or future assessments.

    P3M3 Assesment

    Axelos Consulting Partner

    P3M3 Assesor

    Eduard Pitka

    Project & Program & Portfolio Auditor & Lead Trainer

    Autor mnoha praktických materiálů a šablon pro tyto a další metodiky z portfolia Best Management Practice - Axelos, s oceněním EXIN Platinum Partner!

    Máte specifický dotaz? Pošlete jej hned teď našim expertům. Odpovíme na ně v rámci diskuse na kurzu!

    • 2018 - P3M3 Assesor
    • 2014 - MoP Approved Trainer
    • 2010 - PRINCE2, MSP Approved Trainer
    • 2007 - Senior Project Manager / Consultant

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