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Experts are now talking about Business and IT Integration or Fusion. Experts are always coming up with trendy new buzzwords and models. It is as if by giving it a new name we can sweep the old one under the carpet and blame our lack of alignment on the old outdated terminology…..or framework. This is it!


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Do you recognize this?

70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business. The business and IT relationship is under strain, both parties blaming the other. IT is under increasing pressure to improve. 

New, disruptive technologies such as Cloud and social media, are emerging rapidly and Businesses are demanding more and more IT. IT continually struggles to align with the business to ensure investments in emerging technologies deliver value, without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities? 

Business & IT alignment has been a top CIO concern for more than 10 years yet still we struggle. The latest Society of Information Management annual survey reveals ‘Business and IT-Alignment STILL as a number 1 issue. It has been in the top 3 issues for the last 14 years.

Do you recognize this?


  • Aligning IT and business decision making
  • Developing an outside-in Customer focus
  • Transforming ITSM and ITIL into a strategic capability
  • Improving end-to-end collaboration and communication

Why is this?

IT is still too internally focused and no always seen as a strategic business partner.

There is still too much focus on adopting the frameworks and not focusing on realizing a sustainable change in Attitude, behavior and Culture in both Business and IT.

The majority of IT organizations are still experiencing top ABC of ICT worst practices (as identified by more than 3000 IT organizations).

  • IT is too internal focused
  • Not understanding business impact and priority
  • Too little Business involvement in requirements specification and testing
Why is this?

“During Grab@Pizza I was playing the Business Manager, I realized that I was making my decisions based on Business Value. This is something I don’t see in our organization.”


Grab@Pizza is a very successful company selling millions of Pizza’s every year. 

But after 6 months in the current year, the sales figures are far below expectations. The CEO urged the Business Manager to make a challenging recovery plan. This plan is based on a 6 month strategy to bring the sales and profit back on target. 

IT is a crucial enabler for reaching new markets, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overheads. The IT department must organize themselves to explore the business demands, translate them to IT strategy and organize IT Support, IT Operations and Change Management to ensure that the Business is successful at the end of the simulation.

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